xDOM suite

fixes and enhancements for intrinsic IE objects


Many of the elements (aka objects defined by HTML tags) in Internet Explorer are buggy or annoyingly limited for developers, and have been for years.  Most of these bugs/limitations are in IE's form elements (probably since they do more).  After writing the same of workaround code the nth time for several of these, I decided to do it one last time, but as a component for easy reuse.

What it is

xDOM is a suite of DHTML Behaviors which fix these bugs/limitations.  A few of them also add convenient new properties and methods.  (The name is along the lines of "patch and eXtend DOM objects").

How it works

Implementing xDOM in your web site/application is simple.  Simply copy in the behavior files (.HTC) and attach them in your application's global stylesheet (with tagName CSS selectors).

the fun stuff

See demo (with fix/feature details), Download xDOM suite (zipped)




-Rob (@slingfive) Eberhardt, Slingshot Solutions
Use freely, but be honest about it.  I just ask for credit.